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Temselaan 100, 1853 Grimbergen | +32 02 43 108 07 | 

Flex desks

Meeting rooms

Private offices

Amount: 85 desks
Location: ground floor

Amount: 57 offices
Location: +1
Monthly prices from:

Amount: 3 meeting rooms
Location: +1
Capacity: 4, 10 and 20 people
Set-up: boardroom style
Prices: on request


2 people: €600
4 people: €1050

6 people: €1300

About P&G

  • P&G is the largest FMCG company in the world, reaching close to 5 billion consumers worldwide with numerous brands in Fabric & Home Care.

  • The Brussels Innovation Centre located at Strombeek-Bever is the worldwide centre for Fabric & Home Care innovation.

  • Their goal is to collaborate on projects including new product and capability innovation for the Fabric & Home Care sector.

  • They also partner with the Growcery, located at the site, a company which curates startups and scale-ups with corporates.
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Join the P&G Accelerator program, a unique ecosystem where startups, scale-ups, spin-offs and P&G innovate together.

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  • Wifi
  • Printing service
  • Reception services (*)

  • Access to meeting rooms (*)
  • Parking available on site (*)
  • Coffee & tea facilities
  • Reception desk during office hours
  • Access to P&G innovation facilities
  • High quality office equipment

(*) Extra charges may apply.

About Workero

  • Workero transforms corporate office space into bustling innovation spaces where startups and corporates can work and innovate together.

  • We have 40+ locations spread across Belgium.  At premium partners, such as P&G, Decathlon we focus on innovation through the accelerator programs in close collaboration with our partners.

  • We speed up corporate growth and startup & scale-up scaleability by facilitating innovation and emphasis on relationship building. See them as gardens around multinationals to grow knowledge, pilots and a 365 days relationship with dedicated mentors. Access challenges and inspire our partners with your innovation.

How we help

Members of the InQbet Campus

How are we different?








Workero by P&G


Helps you grow your company

Possibility to join for an open-ended timeframe

Actively fosters partnerships with P&G

InQbet Campus offering

Growth opportunities

Join our Quickfires, organised quarterly by P&G. Establish connections, follow in-depth workshops, and work together on the corporate’s challenges.


Speak to P&G Connectors on a regular basis to discuss your company, pitch for upcoming challenges and engage on projects issued by P&G's network.


Access executive masterclasses followed by discussion sessions between industry leaders (from Solvay and or other universities, corporate Workero partners, etc).


Get access to the most exclusive corporate events organized by P&G and get invited to specific EU sessions on subsidy programs that will boost your business. 

P&G facilities

Benefit from research centers and floor experience of P&G. Discover research, prototyping facilities, labs and other facilities of the Brussel Innovation Center.

Brand and product awareness

Strengthen your brand and present your products and/or services to the corporate partners and the dedicated One-to-One sessions.


Meet and network with peers (both digital and physical) and become part of a 360° community of like- minded entrepreneurs. 

Office space

Book offices, desks, co-working spaces and meeting rooms at any time in one of our 40 locations (based on your membership) 

Events calendar

Lean and adaptive organisations

Inclusive leadership

Impact of hygiene on society

Sustainable risk management

Next up

Focused on speeding up innovation between companies

Demand equity in return for growth


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P&G Innovation Challenges 2022

Discover the challenges

*The P&G Facilities such as prototyping, consumer lounge etc are available for non-members of the InQbet Campus.

From design, manufacturing and distribution to consumer use and end-of-life, P&G is on a journey to decarbonise laundry

Decarbonize Laundry

Re-invent the future of water alongside P&G and change the narrative on domestic water consumption

The 50-litre home

Speed up the transition to a circular economy for plastics by focusing on pan-industry technology and collaborations


Solvay Business Talks

The P&G by Workero corporate accelerator program is committed to creating an open innovation environment by facilitating learning practices and sharable knowledge. To do so, applied mastery classes with speakers from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management are running monthly throughout the whole year.

Offered by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. The MasterClasses ranges from topics such as Digital 4.0 to Sustainability. They are delivered on monthly basIs and open to the community. members



Alternative paradigms to shareholder value

Bruno Farber


November 24th



Past event

One to One sessions

The InQbet Campus is based on the principle of building a mutually beneficial ecosystem where startups, scale-ups, spin-offs, entrepreneurs, and other institutions come together with P&G. InQbet members have direct access to P&G through weekly open door sessions. 

Leading by example.
Critical approach and actionable steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Development and Authentinc behaviour


More information

Pr. Bernard Mathieu 
Director Sustainability Practice



May 12, 14:00-15:00



Members only

Get more information

The Big Score is focused on accelerating interaction between key tech players: European high growth scale-ups, international tech investors and corporate innovators.

The Big Score



15, 16, 17 November



InQbet Members only

Class Ended

Past event

The Big Score 2022

Events at the InQbet Campus

The InQbet Campus continuously hosts all types of events, inviting its community to visit P&G's facilities and benefit from inspirational sessions and networking. Several members have already entered into collaborations with P&G on sustainable projects, and introduced their companies to larger audiences.

Our Experts


Marieke Sopers

Innovation Manager

Talk to her

Marieke has experience in bringing different parties together, setting up communities and enabling fruitful collaborations. She is on a constant lookout for new partners to start new ecosystems.


Abraham Suniaga

Product Manager / Business Development Manager - Ecosystems & Innovation 

Talk to him

Do you wish to connect to Procter&Gamble and be part of its ecosystem? Then book a demo with Abraham and get ready to discover all your new possibilities. 


Elena Ferreri

Corporate Community Expert

Talk to her

Elena is the Community and Event Manager of the InQbet Campus; If you have any question about your membership or you would simply like more information on current events, than she is the right person.

In need of help? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts, who'll gladly assist you and guide you throughout the InQbet Campus

What happened last month...

Jorim Rademaker
Founder & CEO at

In this interview, Jorim Rademaker from explains what drew them to the InQbet campus while expanding on some of their biggest achievements from 2022.

Petri Tolonen
CEO at CH Bioforce 

Petri Tolonen is CEO of CH Bioforce who provides a revolutionary technology for converting biomass – cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin – into high-value. Here he explains their success and growth plans for the next year. 

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P&G will hold a pitching event for startups in October 2022. Multiple companies will have the opportunity to showcase their business and pilots in front of an exclusive corporate audience.



Tech & Quickfire Pitch



13th October



Tech & Quickfire Pitch

Past event

Book your one hour-long sessions with the P&G Connectors, the dedicated Connect+Develop team of Procter&Gamble.

Receive valuable feedback from P&Gers on your product/service (such as market fit and viability, how to position or reorient your product for more growth, and more).

Present in one of P&G's Inspiration sessions (broadcasted to the extended P&G community), and possibly start a pilot project with P&G.

You are not yet a member of the InQbet Campus ecosystem? No worries, we'll guide you through the P&G corporate accelerator program.

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Members in the spotlight

P&G's vision

Stuart Askew
Senior Director Open Innovation at Fabric & Home care division P&G

Sergio Barbarino
Research fellow Open Innovation P&G

Gian De Belder
Technical Director of Packaging Sustainability R&D at P&G

Vincenzo Tomarchio
Senior Director R&D Fabric care Europe and Global Sustainability at P&G

P&G Corporate Challenges 2023

P&G needs your help urgently on their recently released challenges. You can submit your solution through the link below and be selected to pitch your idea to P&G.

Are you ready to pitch?

P&G InQbet Challenges

P&G is on a constant lookout to improve their processes in the following areas: sustainability and circularity (CO2 renewal, bioplastics, up-recycling, biodegradable packaging, waste-to-worth, etc) and digital 4.0 (smart sensors, consumer engagement, industrial automation, etc.).

Tell us how

This major event brings together spinoffs, startups and scaleups together with Procter & Gamble and its suppliers for an intensive knowledge and pitching session on Carbon Renewal.

Tech Pitch



 Q1 2023




Class Ended


Carbon Renewal

Offered by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. The MasterClasses ranges from topics such as Digital 4.0 to Sustainability. They are delivered on monthly basIs and open to the community. members



How to deliver growth with start-ups in a large corporation?

Philippe Mauchard


February  16th 




Offered by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. The MasterClasses ranges from topics such as Digital 4.0 to Sustainability. They are delivered on monthly basIs and open to the community. members



How to develop an incubator alongside your core business?

Denis Gorteman


April  20th