This case study helps  startups:

  • Gain insights into corporate venturing.
  • Navigate through corporate venturing.
  • Find out why corporates need startups to innovate. 
  • Learn from succesful cases.
  • Prepare, start and succeed in corporate venturing with our free e-book.

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Case Study:  Insights into Corporate Venturing for Startups. 

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Corpo-working: the new coworking
Coworking spaces have played a valuable role in bringing together professionals, however they weren’t focused on uniting corporates with startups. Workero’s platform enables independents, start-ups and professionals to literally take a seat at the big boy’s table. We spoke with Sebastian Matoso, who made his office within our corpoworking space. Read it 

Past Editions

Week of March 9: 
Redefining Corporate Venturing: beyond Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate venturing is growing in popularity, but is often, in its definition, restricted in format. We highlighted there are different ways in which start-ups and established companies can collaborate, by analysing a unique case study. Read it here.

Week of March 16: 
Getting a seat at the big boy’s tables
We spoke with Innovation Expert John van der Linden, who highlighted that corporates and startups should recognise the cultural gap between them in order to successfully collaborate. We also researched why these partnerships could prove pivotal for nations to succeed in the current innovation-based economy. Read it here.

Week of March 23 :

Enabling Corporate Venturing - Hackathons, incubator and accelerator programs
We already established there is a cultural gap between startups and corporates. Luckily, there are programs in place to bridge these gaps and connect both sides in a larger ecosystem. We researched three programs and interviewed organisers from B-Sprouts and AFT to better understand the differences between and benefits of each program. Read it here.