Cut costs while stimulating the future of working 

1. Monetize your office space

Earn money from renting out desks, offices and meeting rooms that are not (frequently) used.

2. Manage your office space

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Why Workero?

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How do I join?

1. You provide us with some basic information

Fill in the short form so we get to know you a little bit.

One of our team members will get in touch to schedule a call.

2. Together we investigate if it's a fit

We add  Workero branding and take care of professional photographs for the booking site. 

3. We make your office Workero-proof

Get ready for coworkers to come your way! Our expert team make sure your desks are filled!

4. Ready, set, live!

One desk booked full-time can earn you up to 4.200€/year
One closed 2-person office based in a corporate area easily delivers 6.500€/year or more?

You can increase and decrease your available seats at any time?

Workero is flexible? You decide when you are open or not, what services and rates you offer and what the house rules are.

Workero invites both suppliers and users to review each other?

Workero has community-driven features, a chat tool and a mobile app linked to a traffic management system to find the closest desk?

Did you know that...

How? List your unused office space on Workero, a powerful Belgian network of 30+ flexible locations and 3000+ users

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Do you tick all our boxes?

Do you have at least 6 office products available? E.g. 4 coworking desks, 1 private office and 1 meeting room.

Does your company culture embrace outside guests and knowledge sharing between those guests and your employees?

Are you not a coworking space or business center operator (or at least this is not your main activity)?

D&D Consulting in Liège

Acctive in Antwerp

Measure your occupancy levels and optimize workspace.

3. Encourage flexible working

Enroll your employees in the Workero-network and set a spending limit.

4. Facilitate internal collaboration

Create private communities for your employees, share documents and post updates.

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